Minerals, The Key for Good Health

Minerals are the most important nutrients one can consume for good health.  Minerals are needed for hormones, enzymes, metabolism and even vitamins to function.  Inadequate farming procedures, poor eating habits, compromised digestion and the wrong supplements all contribute to extreme mineral deficiencies and poor health in the U.S.

The farming industry used to rotate crops and use manure to retain and balance the minerals in the soil.  Today crops are not rotated from year to year and chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers with very few minerals are used.  In addition to the minimal amounts of minerals round in our food, processed foods further deplete mineral content.  Age, medication use and high stress compromise the ability to properly absorb nutrients.   Here are a few tips for maintaining or raising the minerals in your body.

Minerals are best absorbed in an ionic form.  Chelated, colloidal minerals or those found in pill-form, which use fillers, are not absorbed well.  Plants convert minerals into the ionic form and are easily absorbed by animals and humans.  Eating unprocessed fruits, vegetables and animal products contain many different minerals. To get a variety of minerals eat a variety of colors.   Organic produce and grass fed, organic animal products have a higher content of minerals than those conventionally grown with pesticides.  Processed foods, such as breads, pastas, cereals and sugar have very few minerals and deplete minerals during the digestive process.  To ensure you are getting enough minerals, buy a high quality, ionic form of liquid minerals.

If you drink reverse osmosis or distilled water, this water is absolutely pure, but devoid of all minerals, which over time will lead to poor health unless a few steps are applied.  Add a lemon, lime or celery stick to each glass of water.  Adding Himalayan sea salt until there is a slight taste of salt will add many minerals back to the water.  Take an ionic mineral supplement daily and enjoy less symptoms and a higher quality of life.

May 17 2013 09:15 am | Healthy Tip Of The Week

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