Favorite Websites

The websites that I’ve listed below are in no particular order. I find so much value in reading all of these and wanted to share them with those who are interested in learning more about these topics, politics and current events.

Environmental Working Group is a great website interested in giving information to help the consumer. What I love about this site is that if you go to the page called “health / toxics” then scroll down to the subcategory “cosmetic data base” you can search for hundreds of products, ingredients and companies to see how toxic they are for humans. I strongly recommend that everyone take a look at this site; you will be shocked!!

Organic Consumers campaigns for “Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace and Democracy”.

Truth in Labeling Coalition is currently working on mandatory labeling of GMO foods. They were also responsible for creating the handout I distributed to my students over the past 8 years listing the many names and hidden source of MSG.

Say No To GMOs this website is loaded with a wealth of information about genetically modified foods! If you want to learn about GMOs, this is the website for you.

True Food Now promotes organic foods and sustainable agriculture

NonGMO Project supports allowing the public to be informed about GMOs and ensure having non-GMO foods available

Seed Alliance is a nonprofit charity supporting organic seed

The Organic Center provides research and monthly newsletters to educate and create awareness for a higher demand of organic products; while supporting the conversion of agriculture to organic methods

Union of Concerned Scientists keeps us informed on up-to-date environmental affairs and politics.

Greenpeace provides a load of information and petitions to sign if you want to learn and become more active.