Cholesterol Meds May Cause Memory Loss

A 2012 Report indicates that 32 million Americans use statin drugs to lower cholesterol.  36% of females between 65 – 74 years of age  use statins, while 50% of the same age group in males use them.  After monitoring these patients, the FDA added additional warnings to statin drug labels.  These warnings include memory, impairment, confusion & even memory loss.  Elevated cholesterol is an indication that there is a metabolic problem.  Medication relieves (masks) the symptoms while one is on them, but may have lasting side-effects and never resolve the cause.

Many patients have approached me  with concerns of memory loss and even Alzheimers.  Prevention is always much easier than reversing symptoms, so consider the FDA warning on cholesterol lowering meds.   Even Johns Hopkins Hospital is advising the use of dietary changes for reducing cholesterol.  If you are interested in reading more about cholesterol click n the following links.

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Cholesterol Meds May Cause Memory Loss