Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism uses magnets designed to restore normal magnetic fields within the body. Balancing polarity points allows illness to go away, pathogens to be cleared and injuries to be healed.

When something becomes “chronic”, most likely the area associated with those symptoms is out of balance. Specific types of magnets can restore balance during the treatment and resolve symptoms.

There are hundreds of polarity points on the body. These points correspond to pathogens, or damage done by illnesses and injuries. When these polarity points are restored, the energy can flow freely, symptoms can resolve and health can return.

Reversed polarity points directly correspond to specific symptoms, chronic conditions and pathogens. Using magnetic therapy on polarity points that are negative instead of positive (and vice versa), is similar to using acupuncture needles on meridian points.

When the magnetism of the whole body is balanced, symptoms will disappear and health can be restored.