My Favorite Health Movies

World According to Monsanto:  The goal of the Monsanto Corporation is power and control of all seeds.  If you don’t believe it, watch this film.   Biotechnology and genetically modified foods will ruin organic, natural, bio-sustainable seed.  The world will be dependent on purchasing seed from Monsanto to eat and survive.  Once the land has grown GMO seed it will not sustain non-GMO crops.   The damage from GMOs is irreversible and if contamination occurs across all lands starvation and illness may wipe out the human race.

Genetic Roulette:  Using science to introduce various genes into plants and animals is a gamble between health and illness; life and death.  There is no way to predict the outcome of introducing foreign genes to another species.  The statistics are astonishing and devastating.  From infertility and birth defects, to autism, allergies,  autoimmune and cancer; GM foods have grave results on health.  It’s a risk being taken, and humans are the experiment.  Although labeling or complete avoidance occurs in other countries, the U.S. forbids labeling at this time.  Americans need to see this film to realize what’s been happening to our food supply and the health effects that are resulting.

Gasland:  A terrifying story about how the natural gas industry is ruining the land of the United States.  The multinational Haliburton Corporation uses a drilling process whereby chemicals are introduced into the earth’s crust, disturbing the rock and releasing natural gas as a result.  This process called “fracking” is not only ruining the land, it is making the inhabitants in the area fatally ill.

Surviving Progress:   An interesting look at how technology has provided a solution to one problem but created an even larger problem that we cannot solve.  In fact, this film points to how science and technology may lead us to human extinction.

Forks Over Knives:     This movie shows how vegetables are the key to life and the meat and processed food industry is killing our land and our lives.

FLOW: For Love of Water:  This feature describes how large companies are trying to control all of our water by making it a commodity with a high price ticket.  The potentially devastating effects are for the poorest communities in the world who won’t be able to afford what used to be freely flowing water.

Farmageddon:  A sad story about how the government and the powerful dairy industry are trying to shut down small farms.   You’ll watch the feds interrogating honest farmers and confiscating the raw dairy products intended for concerned consumers.  Raw dairy products without GMOs, hormones, pesticides and antibiotics is a growing industry.  However it seems the “Big-Agro” business is clearly feeling threatened.

The Future of Food: This production discusses the changes that have happened in agriculture. It tells us about Monsanto’s attacks on farmers across the US and Canada; pesticides, politics and genetically engineered foods.

Food Inc.: This film interviews experts about the food industry, medication vs. supplementation and the politics behind it.

Food Matters: A movie that discusses how the health of the U.S. is declining because of the eating habits of the people. The intention of this film is to stimulate more awareness about the way our food is processed and consumed without thought about how it arrived on our plates.

King Corn: A story about 2 guys who get their hair analyzed and are told that they are mostly made up of corn. They decide to rent 1 acre of land from a farmer in Iowa to learn about the corn industry through first-hand experience. It’s quite eye-opening.

The Cove: The trainer of Flipper had created a team committed to stopping the capture of dolphins and covert slaughter that occurs in a “tucked away” cove in Taiji, Japan. The biggest issue is the fact that most of the world, including Japan residents, have no idea this is occurring. Watch this movie and become active in the cause to prevent the loss of 23,000 highly intelligent, compassionate and spiritual mammals each year.

The End of the Line: By 2048 it is predicted that our oceans will be completely emptied by the current fishing practices of today if we do not do make changes. This movie does a great job at delivering the facts about the destruction of marine life and the reality of what the global fishing industry has become. It provides simple actions to take that will create 1 million jobs, save tax dollars and support sustainable fishing to preserve our ocean-life, ecology, and food for our future.

Sweet Misery: A documentary about the artificial sweetener Aspartame. This movie reveals controversial information about NutraSweet and it’s toxicity.

The Beautiful Truth: A documentary about a teenager who investigates natural means of healing. He visits the Gerson Institute to learn about methods of healing cancer and to hear stories from people who lived despite their prognosis.

Super Size Me: The story of a guy who decides to eat only McDonald’s for 1 month. He must consume each item at least once, including a bottle of water and salad, in addition to get the “super size” when asked. He gets a Physical at the beginning of the month and again at the end to unveil the objective reality of how his health changes during this 30-day experiment.

Fresh: We learn about the organic farming industry, and what some are doing to have it more available. We also get a clear understanding about what it means to have sustainable agriculture, who is doing it and how you can implement it.