Why You Should Only Eat Organic Strawberries

During this week, as I spent time with my 4 year old niece Brittney,who told me about her weekend, she mentioned that she ate a strawberry as part of her dessert.  Of course wanting her to be the healthiest child possible, I told her “only eat organic strawberries”.  She asked why (of course) and I said, “they do not contain bad chemicals that can hurt you”; but there’s a lot more to the story.

There is a group of produce called the “Dirty Dozen”.  This is a list of the top 12 fruits and vegetables to avoid because the pesticide/chemical content is so high.  Strawberries rank as number 5 this year.  Strawberries are sprayed numerous times, and the chemical used on strawberries in California, is one that you want to avoid.

Nearly 90% of all strawberries are grown in California.  The pesticide used is called methyl iodide and is considered to be one of the deadliest chemicals on earth.  This highly volatile poison is known to cause DNA damage, thyroid issues, reproductive issues, cancer, late-term miscarriages, and neurological damage.

The 2012 “Dirty Dozen” from EWG.org ranks produce in order from highest pesticide residue to lowest.  The list, starting with the most toxic, is apples, celery, sweet bell pepper, peaches, strawberries, imported nectarines,  grapes, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, blueberries and potatoes.  There are claims that consuming organic versions of these 12 foods will eliminate your exposure to pesticides by 80%!!

April 16 2013 10:58 pm | Healthy Tip Of The Week

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