High Levels of Arsenic in Fruit Juice

I chose to postpone my “oils & fats” tip until next week because of some recent news. Last Wednesday there was an article that came out about high levels of arsenic found in fruit juices. The concern is the increased risk of cancer and other chronic diseases in children. If you’re interested in reading the article click on this link.

To clarify, because arsenic is a very poisonous substance it is a main constituent found in pesticides. Apples and grapes are notoriously sprayed more than other fruits and vegetables. In addition, the contents of juice are easily absorbed because they are in liquid form and do not require much work to digest them.

If you want to reduce arsenic consumption and the risk associated with it, please purchase organic fruit juice. Not only will your family benefit from this, each purchase you make is a vote for or against better food quality.

December 06 2011 10:28 pm | Healthy Tip Of The Week

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