Psych-K To The Rescue

I remember a time around the summer of 2018, when a patient of mine was riddled with stress. She and her closest brother had a difference of opinion followed by hurtful words, and that was it; they stopped talking. As usual, it seems so uncanny to me that people hold grudges for long stretches of time. This brother held on for a year. My patient didn’t know how to resolve it, so we resorted to Psych-K.

It was a Saturday that this patient and I went to work on resolving the family relationship breakdown. We carefully separated what she believed would happen versus what she wanted to see. Once the groundwork was complete, we used one of my favorite techniques, Psych-K, to allow her body to integrate her ideal. This part of the process usually takes 5-10 minutes. She went home anticipating that would need to wait a few months for this to manifest. However…

I got the phone call the following week. If my memory serves me correctly, her brother texted 5 days later on a Wednesday, that he wanted to meet with her and talk on that next Sunday. It was like magic! This call was unprompted by my patient. Her only action was pure hope that soon they would regain and restore their previously close, supportive relationship. Her subconscious belief worked. Their conversation melted away all of the stress and pain during the last full year. Their close relationship had returned and all she had to do was wait a couple days (and a little Psych-K of course).

The subconscious mind is what propels our manifestations in life. If we seek a particular goal but never seem to attain it, chances are our psyche doesn’t believe we will have it. Psych-K is a technique that allows us to reveal what one subliminally believes. Once we know this information, the technique does its part to help the brain accept what we want in our lives.

The process works through muscle testing. When a person makes a statement, if the statement is true, the person tests strong. If the statement is false, any muscle tested weakens. There are a few options for correcting and rewiring one’s belief system about a statement. Once the work is done, the practitioner needs to retest and confirm that the process is complete.

Another fun story happened a few years ago. I had a patient in my office whose husband lost his job because he mentioned to upper management that he detected a bookkeeping mistake. The employer wanted to keep that error hidden and chose to remove the honest, detailed, detective-like employee. Negotiations were at hand to sweep the truth under the rug and avoid a lawsuit. His wife was a wreck! Their financial stability was about to change and the looming uncertain future created obsessive worry.

Our work using Psych-K paved the way to the future she wanted. We created the details she hoped for with this settlement, and established the plans to attain it. Believing that it was probable was our work for that day. A month or two later, she shared her good news. They attained not only what they asked for, but more than they imagined and even received a few bonuses they requested. It worked. We screamed with joy!

I know these stories sound like wizardry. There are only two things in the world, thought and matter. Psych-K allows us to hone in on the thought. The material elements that align with those thoughts is the real enigma that I can’t quite explain. For me and my patients, we just love the inexplicable results with doing this type of work.

Psych-K To The Rescue