The Mystery Allergy

About a decade ago, I met a man who came in for allergy treatments. His only complaint was that his nose was completely clogged all of the time. You could hear the congestion as he spoke because he couldn’t breathe through his nostrils. Nothing gave him relief. He heard about my AAT allergy treatment and decided to try it.

We tested him for about 60 different allergens and created the list of about a dozen that we would clear. After his first treatment, the inflammation in one nostril cleared out completely. He could breathe again on one side. He came every Tuesday morning, and we both thought this would be over in a couple of sessions. Each week, as soon as he would arrive, I awaited his celebratory chant that today was his last day because he was clear. However, as we were nearing the end of his treatment list of offenders, and without complete resolution yet, I knew I had to dig deeper. Did anything change in your life at the time the congestion began? He went home pondering my probing inquiry.

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After another week passed, my patient mentioned that a year and a half ago he got his first tattoo. He also recalled that this is when his nose started to clog. At the time the congestion began, he never made the connection that it might be something other than a virus. That was curious to me. Fortunately, my device has many options for tattooing and tattoo ink, so we tested him. Low and behold, he was reacting to tattoo ink! We deviated from my plan for that day and re-directed our treatment towards resolving this mysterious reaction to his tattoo.

The following week, he reported, “It worked!” His nose was clear, his voice was crisp and air-flow was unencumbered once again. Our detective work together, and deep thought on his part, triggered the memory that ended his 18-month misery.

It was sad saying good-bye to my short-lived Tuesday morning friend, but I learned something that has never left my mind; we can have an allergy or sensitivity to anything.

I’ve treated many reactions to hormones, plastic, emotions, the sun, fluorescent lights, barometric pressure, altitude, motion, humidity and even stress. If you can think of it, chances are it can be treated. Fortunately, there are frequencies being added to my AAT device every couple of years to keep up with the array of new lab-created synthetic substances or natural foods, plants and animals that weren’t thought of before. The possibilities seem endless, but the symptoms end.

The Mystery Allergy