A Phantom Odor

Have you heard of phantom pain? Phantosmia is a phantom smell. There is currently no official cure for this, but I met a woman who resolved it in only a few months. We’ll call her “E”. Here is her story.

At 19 years old, in the college cafeteria, E noticed a sudden putrid, burnt blood smell. She asked her friends if they could detect it, but no one else could. The odor remained with E for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, the next morning when she awoke, the smell was gone. Well, for a while at least; and then it returned. She described it as a “burst”, and poof the nasty bouquet that loomed around her, was back. This continued every day for 10 years. E said that the smell was so awful that she would feel nauseous.

She went through years of medical tests and medication trials, including 2 years of seizure medications. Without even a dent made for resolving this mystery stench, E was told there was nothing more that could be done. By sheer luck however, when she went to the bathroom to cry from frustration and hopelessness, she suddenly realized that crying resolved it for the rest of the day. Each day, for one year, she caused herself to cry and experience a miraculous relief. Unfortunately the day came, when her temporary antidote, stopped working. But for E, this only flamed the fire for pursuing the next solution.

That’s when I met her. When E walked through my door, I saw a strong, resolute woman, who would stop at nothing to reach her goal. She proved my assessment right. I had never heard of her condition before that day, but I knew we could find a way to bring her peace. The body wants to heal, we just need to help it along. And that was the day we became partners in solving a mystery.

There were two things about E that I believe helped her most to move through the healing process with such alacrity. First, she always took immediate action on whatever I asked of her. Second, she kept a symptom journal and documented daily what she did and how she responded afterward. Everyone is different. Keeping a record allows us to know what works and doesn’t work for us. But more importantly, we learn about who we are.

She cycled on, then off various homeopathy, herbs, and supplements. I asked her to perform many practices including writing gratitude statements, getting rid of written negative emotions, and changing her diet. We did emotional treatments to clear PTSD’s and change her view of the past, present and future. We used several frequency devices and treatments 1-3 times. She started skipping days of phantosmia, and then it eventually went away.

We both believe that her experience made her the woman she is today. Confident, competent and healthy. She views her 10-year illness as a stepping stone to better overall health for herself, and now for her own growing family. Her passion for natural health was ignited with an obstacle that others thought was insurmountable. They thought it was a symptom she had to live with. She proved them wrong.

A Phantom Odor