Truvia Dangers

Stevia is an herb known to be very sweet and a great substitute for sugar.  It is also known for its ability to help balance blood sugar.  Due to its popularity, some companies have developed products made from Stevia that do not provide the same benefits and in fact, may be harmful.

Truvia, unfortunately, is not the same as Stevia, but is advertised as if it is.  In fact, the company that manufactures Truvia has taken only 1 active ingredient from Stevia and all of the minerals and inactive ingredients that support health are eliminated.  The 3 ingredients in Truvia are Stevia extract, erythritol and natural flavors.  Erythritol is a sugar alcohol considered a food additive that may cause abdominal gas, diarrhea and headaches.  Natural flavors are products that are made in a laboratory by combining chemicals from plants and synthesized chemicals and this term may be used as another name for MSG.

There are a list of symptoms associated with the use of Truvia and none of these are caused by consuming pure stevia.  These symptoms include abdominal cramping, pain, diarrhea and loose stools; severe migraines, mouth sores, metallic taste, hives, insomnia, low back, shoulder or neck pain. Although Truvia might be advertised as being “natural”, the symptoms are nearly identical to consuming the artificial sweetener aspartame.  Pure stevia will not produce any of these side effects.

If you’re interested in the real stevia, consider buying the brand named “Sweet Leaf” and enjoy the benefits Stevia can provide.


June 06 2013 08:42 am | Healthy Tip Of The Week

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