Take Probiotics If You Use Antibiotics

After having a conversation with a patient and good friend this weekend, I decided this information is necessary for anyone who is or has taken antibiotics.

Antibiotics are great at killing the bad bacteria that cause an infection, but they also kill the good bacteria that support digestion and the immune system. To restore the healthy bacteria purchase 10-15 billion cultures per refrigerated capsule of acidophilus and bacillus. While using antibiotics take 60 billion cultures of probiotics; then continue this dosage for 2 more weeks. If you have ever taken antibiotics without using probiotics follow the 60 billion protocol for 2-4 weeks to reinoculate the intestines with some good bacteria.

Unfortunately, yogurt does not come close to having enough cultures and if there is sugar added to the yogurt there is virtually no benefit in re-establishing normal intestinal ecology. The advantage that probiotics provide will help digestion, elimination and support against other infections in the future.

August 31 2011 05:00 am | Healthy Tip Of The Week

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