Write and Burn It!!

Have you ever obsessed about something that happened in the past? You wish you said or did something different. Or you recognize that now you have the “right” response. Maybe you wished an interaction could be replayed. But It’s too late. In fact, ruminating for hours and preventing your own solid night of sleep is not the solution. But there is a way to lay those thoughts to rest…

This type of journaling has always been a great option for clearing one’s mind. However, retaining journal entries of sadness, betrayal, anger or disrespect, harbor low vibrations of energy. Keeping those safe havens of emotional pain also maintains the negative energy around you permanently. Reading that poison penmanship stirs up your negative moods all over again.

That’s where the value of the second step becomes crucial. BURN IT! When we burn those challenging words of regret, we release them permanently. Energetically, the burning process raises the low vibrations of the thoughts, to higher frequencies.

The surprising result is that you immediately feel better. Soon after, you notice that an hour passed and you realize the upset was forgotten. Your focus turns to the present and moves out of past-consciousness. You have been liberated.

Every time I’ve recommended this practice to someone they felt better. Sometimes there is resistance. One woman waited weeks before she could pick up her pen and paper. Unconsciously, I’ll even forget to use this practice I know so well. On occasion, I may find myself stewing about something that happened. Then I’ll get mad at myself and think, “why didn’t I just write and burn it, so I can move on and get something done?” 10-minutes later, I am at peace and back to my normal, joyful self.

If you don’t have a fireplace to use for bursting your negative emotions into flames, I have another option, but it comes with a word of caution. Consider using a Pyrex measuring cup. Pyrex glass has been around since 1915, but in 1998 they did change the type of glass they use for their products. Historically, Pyrex glass was resistant to thermal fluctuations. However, if you don’t have a product from 25+ years ago, please be cautious, because these are not made of the earlier material. Set the dish you want to use outside or in the sink, light up its contents and step back, just in case. Watch those emotions incinerate into oblivion knowing that those lower frequencies are being raised to higher vibrations.

So if you ever notice that you’re thinking about something that already happened, and that can’t be changed or improved upon, write down all your feelings and burn it. It’s time to leave that bad neighborhood!

Write and Burn It!!