It’s A Miracle!

In 2016 I had the good fortune of having a nun from a distant state call me for a phone consult. As she described her symptoms during our call, I realized that it all screamed out the need for one thing…celery juice. I explained all of the pertinent reasons for this very specific remedy. We discussed how to juice celery and what would happen. Our next call was set up for one month later.

I asked her to avoid a couple of foods, but in my mind adding celery juice was all she needed to turn her situation around and resolve all of her conditions. This is a rarity, people are often complex and require layers of suggestions, therapies or remedies to resolve their situation. On occasion, when someone shares their history and full list of symptoms, I can connect the dots and the simple solution surfaces.

Her main list of symptoms were loose stools, migraines, food sensitivities, lethargy and mild nausea. She had an additional interesting complaint of having difficulty catching her breath after eating.

In her situation, I suggested celery juice because some of it’s main functions are it cleans the liver, it restores the production of stomach acid, which helps us absorb 6 specific nutrients, and it helps the proper pH in the digestive tract return to normal. Every one of her symptoms tied back to what celery juice was capable of helping her with.

After a month, we spoke again about her progress. Here is a paraphrase of what she said. All of my symptoms are gone. I told everyone in the convent and every nun is now drinking celery juice. In my mind I was imagining all of these nuns gathering in the kitchen to consume their miraculous elixir.

They were “converted”! To celery juice drinkers of course. My grandmother in Heaven, who was a devout catholic herself, would have been proud.

It’s A Miracle!