Genetically Modified Salmon

Although many people are opposed to genetically altered foods, the experiments continue.  Genes from an eel have been injected into the DNA of  salmon to make it grow nearly double in size  Cloning these salmon makes them available for humans to consume.  Here is a little information about GM salmon.

Salmon will not naturally cross  breed with eels, but thanks to scientific experimentation, a new species of salmon has been created that is completely unnatural.  Studies indicate that a growth hormone called IGF-1 is stimulated with this modified gene structure.  IGF-1 has been linked to lung, breast, prostate and colon cancer.   At this point, we know the salmon are larger, but we don’t know the detrimental long-term effects on our health.  The environmental concern is that once the fish are released into the wild, they may mate with other salmon and there will be no way to determine which salmon are normal and which are GMO.  The tumor growth can occur in the salmon themselves, in the predators that eat them and also in humans.

On Friday December 21st late in the afternoon and just before the long Christmas weekend began in 2012, the FDA announced that it found “no significant impact” from adding eel genes to salmon.  Bad news always comes out when the public is focused on another event.   We saw genetically altered Tryptophan kill 37 people and injure over 5,000 others permanently when it was introduced.  There has been an explosion in allergies, infertility, digestive issues, cancer and autism since GMO corn, soy, cottonseed oil and canola oil have been introduced and many, many people are gravely concerned.  If you would like to share your concern and ban the cloned GM salmon, there is a petition that you can sign.   Click here to sign the petition.  There isn’t much time left to prevent these fish from being mass-produced and released; but hopefully enough people can help turn this around and prevent other GMO’s from being produced in the future.


February 22 2013 07:23 am | Genetically Altered Foods and Healthy Tip Of The Week

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