Dangers of Genetically Altered Foods

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As most of you know, I am very passionate with revealing the truth about what we eat, drink, breathe, and contact.

Many people are becoming aware of Genetically Modified/Genetically Engineered foods, but for those who are just learning, here is a little information about GMO and what they do to our bodies.

Some of the negative effects are:

GM foods increase the use of pesticides
GM foods decrease the crop yields
GM foods cause major health issues

To learn more about this check out this website.

Please take a look at this website to learn about what products the US government is allowing to grow and be consumed in this country; and to choose those brands that do not contain GM products.  I also encourage you to “take action” to have these foods labeled in the US.

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Dr. Julie Wilson

June 06 2009 02:30 pm | Genetically Altered Foods

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