Lab Interpretation Consult

Do you have a chronic condition and yet your blood tests show that nothing is wrong? Have you noticed a result or two were out of range and were told that everything looks fine, but you don’t feel fine?

Regular blood tests that are performed by all medical doctors can be interpreted from a nutritional perspective. Often times there are patterns recognized in regular labs that indicate nutritional deficiencies, bacteria, viruses, parasites, digestive problems or toxins present and much more. By using a different perspective, I can see if things are going on in the body that aren’t being detected. Many times, by looking at labs, I recognize patterns of dysfunction that are typically overlooked. Becoming aware of this knowledge can prevent conditions and diseases from developing. If discovered early enough to reverse in only a few months.

If you have had a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC with differential or other lab tests that you are interested in getting a deeper understanding for, I will use my 33 years of lab interpretation experience to explain any findings to you. You will also learn what needs to be addressed now if there are any suspicious patterns that have been overlooked.

A 30-minute consult is $110 and 60-minute consult is $189. The labs should be received 72 hours before the consult, and the appointment paid in full at the time of scheduling.

Please call me at 773-481-9988 or use the contact form on this site to schedule an appointment.