Classes and GAPS Group

Our upcoming classes:

Vaccines; Should I get the Flu Shot?  During this 2-hour free class we will explore the pros and cons of vaccines and what might be best for you or your child.

Sugar and Grains:  What substitutes will help me avoid these.  This 2-hour free class will help us understand why gluten and sugar problems have become epidemic and what they are doing to our health.  We will discuss how to be successful at avoiding sugar and grains.

What Can I do to Sleep Better?  For those having trouble falling asleep or just staying asleep, this free 2-hour class may be exactly what you need to hear.  Please join me to discuss why people have trouble getting a great night’s rest and what you can do to improve this.

Bladder Control   Whether its during or after pregnancy, while sneezing, coughing or laughing, or part of the aging process, this is one of the most common complaints woman have.   It’s much easier to prevent, but there are things you can do to assist in strengthening the bladder.  This free 2-hour discussion may give hope to what seems a hopeless condition.

GAPS Group:  We will be starting our group soon.  The intention of this group is to share details about the GAPS diet and how it works.  There will be a power point presentation at each meeting.  On our first meeting we will decide how often to meet to best support the individuals planning to attend all 10 sessions.  Each week we will share stories, challenges and successes.   We will also have a tasting of some of the delicious food options available while following the diet.








The Fertility Class, why are there so many issues with fertility and getting to the source of what can be done


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