10 Things Monsanto doesn’t want you to know

I found this great list from Organic Consumers Organization that I wanted to share with you. Click here

In addition, another post from Organic Consumers Organization states that Roundup (AKA glyphosate made by Monsanto) is clearly linked to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, reproductive, liver and kidney damage. It “may cause cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, nerve and respiratory damage.” It is “toxic to earthworms, beneficial insects, birds and mammals, plus destroys the vegetation on which they depend for food and shelter…Roundup shows adverse effects in all standard categories of toxicological testing, including medium-term toxicity, long-term toxicity, genetic damage, effects on reproduction, and carcinogenicity.”
“…glyphosate, made bean plants more susceptible to disease, and reduces the growth of beneficial soil-dwelling mycorrhizal fungi. In rabbits exposed to glyphosate, sperm production was diminished by 50%”. There is concern that Roundup may relate to learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children.

To read this entire article click here

July 23 2010 04:45 pm | Genetically Altered Foods

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